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Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities
DATELINE: September 16, 2018
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A recap of our Class of ’62 2018 Homecoming and Hall of Fame Events!

Well, the weather wasn’t the best, but the company surely was!  As I indicated after our 55th Reunion, we will continue to have our informal Homecoming events -- and we did, once again! 


Some have asked – 


“After all these years, what’s the point?” 


Those of you who have participated and stayed involved have come to realize that Bremen is an exceptional school.  It’s also a school well worth supporting. 



  1. First and foremost, and in ways we may have not even realized, Bremen has been instrumental in launching both our lives and our careers.  Therefore, it’s only fitting that we try, as best we can, to give back to Bremen what Bremen has given to us.

  2. Why does Bremen deserve our support?  When you walk the halls and interact with the administration, faculty, and students, it becomes apparent that this is a well-run operation.  In fact, Bremen is, once again, the largest school in District 228. 
  3. The condition of its physical plant is pristine and the positive relationships among the administration, faculty, staff, and students are remarkable, especially in light of the highly diverse and ever changing demographic environment, much more so than we ever experienced.  


This type of success doesn’t happen by accident. Since the future of our country lies in the hands of our children, grandchildren -- and the children and grandchildren of all of its residents, it is reasonable to conclude that supporting Bremen and its students serves all of us.  


I can also tell you that both Bremen and District 228 feel that the Class of 62’s participation in Homecoming, the Hall of Fame, and the Scholarship Program makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.


On a more personal note, the opportunity to “catch-up”, reminisce, and share life experiences with fellow classmates is both interesting and rewarding.  For example, did you know?


  1. Jim & Jean Keeney’s son is an Air Force Academy graduate, a former F-15 pilot, and a decorated active-duty full-Colonel serving in lands that none of us would like to visit.  Plus, we discovered that Jean was Dr. Kibelkis’ 6th grade teacher! 
  2. Diana Williams (a retired banking executive and this year’s Hall of Fame inductee), and her husband Steve Spigel, have traveled the world extensively. They continue to host and support professional visitors from numerous countries who seek to collaborate with the US to improve international relationships.
  3. Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone, and her daughters Diana and JoEllen, are active participants in fundraising for ALS research and patient support, a disease that claimed their husband/father, Richard, several years ago.  Mary Lou is also active in her community and serves as a Police Commissioner in the City of Countryside.


By the way, several classmates sent their regrets and were unable to attend this year's event, but there’s always next year!  Whether you participate in person, in spirit, or in support of our Scholarship Program, all of your support and contributions count -- and are greatly appreciated! 


I would also like to thank those of you who have supported our Hall of Fame Program by submitting names and leading the effort to complete the nomination forms. By the way, nominations for 2019 need to be submitted for consideration to Bremen and District 228 by next May.  Let us know if you have a suggestion!


Following are some pictures from this year’s event – we hope to do it again next year - and see more of you there!

As always, stay safe and "Stay in Touch" since we always like hearing from you, especially if you change your contact information!
Rich and the 2018 Reunion Committee
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