Bremen High School
Class of 1962 - 50 Year Reunion "Continued"
Next Event: The 55th - September 29th & 30th 2017!
DATELINE: October 17, 2017
(with some added pictures)
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Wow - what a great time! As some of you who attended said, this may have been our best event ever!

Before I start, I want to recognize and thank the 55th Reunion Committee whose efforts made this event possible.  

  • Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone
    Overall event planning & coordination and website support.

  • Sue (Vaughan) & Ken Nelson
    Memorabilia, centerpieces, music, DJ, and dance lessons.

  • Darrell Jordan
    Overall recruiting coordination.

  • Donean (Holmquist) Szajkovcis
    Event planning, recruiting support, and event greeter. 

  • Karen (Rubins) Sebok
    Recruiting support, website support, and event greeter.

  • John Mensing
    Recruiting support.

  • Denny Day
    Class of '62 Hall of Fame and Scholarship initiatives and Memorial Table setup.

There's no way we could have pulled this off without the entire team's unending dedication and support.

The Event!
It continues to amaze me that no matter how large or small a group, we always make it a great time!  It's not only about reminiscing about our days at Bremen, but also talking about where life has brought us over the years, and what plans we have for the future. Yes, there's life after 70!

We had 35 attendees, including two from the Class of '61 -- Pete Relli and Ester Siville (Margaret's sister). They know where to go to have a good time and are always welcome to attend again! Given that we've lost 22 classmates since our 50th Reunion, the attendance was good. We missed those of you who couldn't make it.

We also had Mary Lou's two beautiful daughter attend -- Diana and JoEllen.  They attended our last informal event and decided that "hanging out with the old people" can actually be fun!

I want to give special mention to our "out-of-towners":
Donean (Holmquist) Szajkovcis  Greendale, WI 105 Miles
Sue (Vaughan) and Ken Nelson Indianapolis, IN 172 Miles
Denny and Renee Day DePere, WI 224 Miles
Tom Dresser Columbia, MO 399 Miles
Marilyn (Gallo} Lorch Owens Cross Roads, AL 584 Miles
Margaret (Siville) and Emil Klava Cleveland, SC 681 Miles
Linda (Stokes) Boykin Mobile, AL 906 Miles
Darrell Jordan Ocean Isle Beach, NC 926 Miles
Sue (Koski) McLagan Meridian, ID 1,703 Miles
Karen (Rubins) Sebok Carmel, CA 2,232 Miles
Our "2017 Travel Award" goes to Linda (Stokes) Boykin. She drove all the way from Mobile, AL to attend (900+ miles) and here's what Linda had to say:

"Thanks to all who worked to make the "55" reunion the best ever!!  The 900+ mile drive from Mobile, Alabama was worth it. Enjoyed reminiscing, enjoying great food, and twisting and strolling. 

Had a great time and hope we can still get together as long as there some of us interested. I'll keep making the trip as long as the good Lord let's me "keep on keeping on!!"

Linda (Stokes) Boykin

Our "2017 Most Miles Award" goes to Karen (Rubins) Sebok, who was also a key member of our reunion planning committee. Here's what Karen had to say:

The 55th event was most heartwarming. It was good to see how people have indeed gotten older but for the most part they are all the same good people we enjoyed while in school. 

It was a great place to grow up and into our maturity.The touring around was enlightening. The High School itself looks great. I can see much PRIDE there, the physical plant is amazing. So many years later it still looks new. And shiny. 

The Saturday event was fun,the dancing with the instructions was the most fun. Ken Nelson is a good sport to have led us through the Stroll and the Slide. And Linda was brave to take on that drive. She does deserve an award.


I enjoyed the time to look forward to the reunion. I felt like a kid again. And that was nice. It would have been fun to see some of the teachers, but I know they came to the 50th and probably felt that was enough. After all they had so many classes!!!!


Karen (Rubins) Sebok

Regardless of whether you came from near or far, your attendance was indeed welcome and greatly appreciated.

I said that this would be our last major event.  Frankly, I'm getting a lot of push-back from many of you -- yikes!  

OK, here's the deal --

It's up to you! 

I can assure you that our crack Reunion Planning Team is up to any challenge, as long as we're all still breathing. If the interest remains high, we'll happily do it again!

The pictures!
Now, back to what you have been waiting for -- "the pictures"!  The pictures are grouped into three sections.  On the left side of the page, click-on "55th Reunion Pictures".

  1. Friday Morning/Afternoon... 
    Hall of Fame, Lunch, Pep Rally, and Homecoming Parade

  2. Friday Night Lights...
    The Varsity Game
  3. Saturday Evening...
    The Gala Event at Ridge Country Club

If you have more pictures, please send them and I'll add them!
As always, stay safe and "Stay in Touch" since we always like hearing from you, especially if you change your contact information!
Rich and the Reunion Committee
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