Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities

We have feedback!

We thought it would be ashame not to share the feedback we are receiving from those who attended and supported the reunion. 
On behalf of the entire Reunion Committee, I can assure you that your feedback is greatly appreciated by all of us!
Sincerely,  Rich Kieffer, Reunion Committee Chairman


We should all be proud!



A note from Jen Intihar (the Echo Faculty Coordinator):

Thank you again for all of your compliments and your support of our newspaper program at Bremen. This experience has given the kids some much-needed encouragement and confidence in the journalism field—they often go about their day interviewing and writing stories without hearing too much feedback from our community of readers. It has been wonderful to receive so many positive comments from you and your classmates.

Your program looks great, and what a wonderful memory for you all to have from your 50th reunion! Thank you again for the donation, and also thank you again for being so organized and accommodating with our reporters! If you need additional copies of the November issue at any time, please let me know. 




Ms. Jen Intihar, Newspaper Sponsor

Bremen High School



This is yet another area (as with St. Jude) where I believe that the Class of 1962 "showed its class" and truly “made a difference” by giving something back to our community and to our school. This is what life should be all about!  Go Braves! 

Glad everything went off without a hitch. We are happy that we, including especially Superintendent Kendall, Lori DeVos, and our dedicated administration and staff at Bremen, were able to contribute to some degree to the success of the reunion, particularly at the visit to the building and the football game. Glad that you all had a great time. Sorry that I wasn't able to "crash" the event. I remember a lot of you with fond memories from back in the day! Got a great "read" from my brother John about the whole affair! I want to wish you and all the class of '62 many more years of happiness, success, and great memories of your "happy days" in L'il Joe's hallowed halls! They were "cool" indeed!! Looking forward to seeing reports and pics from (and also in) the ECHO!  Cordially,


Rev. David T. ("Dave") Mensing, Secretary

BOARD OF EDUCATION -- District 228

...and member of the CLASS OF '58

Congratulations on having such a successful reunion. I think the original classes have more school spirit than any of the rest. It’s so great to be able to stay connected with high school friends!!




Lori DeVos, Community Relations Coordinator & FOIA Officer

Bremen High School District 228

... As a former Bremen grad it makes me proud that we are so beloved by our alumni!  Have a great day.





Dr. K [Dave Kibelkis], Principal

Bremen High School

I am so glad you enjoyed the weekend… It is very gratifying I am sure for the all the work the committee did…Kudos to you and your group!!!  Great job…  You sure showed that Bremen PRIDE!!!
Paul Rybarczyk, Associate Principal
Bremen High School
... I want to again thank all of you for making the reporters/photographers feel very comfortable as they conducted their interviews! The kids can’t stop talking about how excited they are to write their stories, and they keep coming up with new ideas for the next issue.  Thanks again!


Jen Intihar (Echo Faculty Coordinator) and the Echo Staff

Aloha Gang:


I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for making our reunion a great success. I know all of you have worked many hours organizing our reunion to be the best ever. Let’s begin with the website. WOW! The website was very informative and kept up-to-date. All the communications and emails were punctual. The media coverage in the local newspapers made it to all localities on the South side suburban area. Any Bremenite living in the area must have seen the article about our reunion. My cousin living in Evergreen Park seen the article and relayed the information to me in Hawaii. He even saved the newspaper for me to read.

The Bremen football game on Friday night was a pleasure to see. What was the score? It was so good to see everyone at the game. However, the rekindle of friendships topped off the evening at Mitch’s Pub. I keep seeing everyone around the room renewing connections with reminiscence of the past. How awesome is that?

On Saturday afternoon as we walked through our hallowed hallways at Bremen, I began to recall more happy thoughts of all the activities we enjoyed. Our early morning arrival to begin walking the halls with our teammates or friends, looking for that special person to ask to a dance or activity or maybe reviewing a homework assignment. I also began to remember our younger classmates. They too contributed to our experiences at Bremen which made our school very special. All of us remembered various parts of the school that had an impact on our lives. Some enjoyed the music area, some the Gymnasium where we all gathered for athletic events, dances, drama productions and of course our graduation in 1962. I especially enjoyed the pool where we swimmers spent many hours swimming yard after yard to perfect our ability to go undefeated our senior year. I believe every one of us had a special teacher or teachers that groomed us to be good productive citizens to lead us into our successful lives. “Go Braves”

After our Bremen tour, we had an outstanding reunion gathering at Bartolini’s where we enjoyed good food, and more past friendships. Mahalo nui loa gang for all the festivities. All the fun and games brought back more refreshing memories of the past. The night was too short for me as I wanted to spend more time with those I have not seen in many years. I even missed some classmates that were at Bartolini’s but did not know they were there. If I missed some of you, please forgive me.

Off to the Blarney Stone Pub in Oak Forest after Bartolini’s. More camaraderie to balance off the night.

On Sunday we had the farewell brunch at the Granite City Food and Brewery. This was my saddest time of the weekend as I had to say farewell to all those that made my weekend one of the most memorable times of my life. For me who lives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I can’t get into my car and visit anyone at anytime. However, I can email, use my cell phone and even use technology to SKYPE. You all can do the same. Please keep in touch or come and visit us in Hawaii.

Mahalo for a most remarkable 50th Class Reunion of Bremen Community High School.


Glenn Anderson

Huge kudos to you and the whole reunion committee. I know there was much work and dedication put forth to organize and produce such a fine occasion. It has been a long time if ever, that I have attended a more nostalgic and pleasant get together with so many latent memories popping up throughout the weekend.
The reunion exceeded my expectations and sent me back home proud of my classmates and looking forward to the next meeting.
Mike Richardson
You guys did a great job!
John Goetzinger

Your entire team did a great job! Thanks for the memories of the memories! What a great bunch to grow up with!






Margaret (Siville) Klava

Can't tell you how wonderful it was at the reunion. To see all those who were so close so many years ago was amazing.  You all did a great job and I will cherish this memory forever.  God Bless you all!





Cheryl (Steinmetz) Carlson

I had a wonderful time at the reunion! I wanted to thank the Reunion Committee for all your hard work.







Jim Stapleton

... Thank you for a very nice time.








Fred Cornish

I just want to say how disappointed I am that at the last minute I was unable to attend the reunion...  My friend, Sandy Raddatz Smith and her husband, Ray, were at my house for the weekend. We had planned to attend the reunion and connect with friends. She said everything turned out really nice and it was so good to see so many classmates...  I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures when you get them together.  Congrats to the committee for a job well done.
Joyce (Kelly) Flaws

Rich, you and your Reunion Committee did a very fine job putting the reunion together. Thank you so much. I know I had a great time, and being there to see old friends not seen for 50 years, but not forgotten was great.  I went away with lots of email addressess, and great memories.  My only regret was I missed an excellent opportunity to explain to every one at Bartolini's Restaurant the "real" reason why I received the award for the most miles driven to the reunion.  I may have told you that I have been a fund raiser for the Sunshine Foundation (like Make A Wish Foundation) since 2000, and have hiked the major three long trails for over 8,000 mountain trail miles.  I had just completed a 500+ mile hike in Southern Colorado, which had been planned several years ago.  I really did not think I could complete the hike in time to attend our reunion. However, about 3/4 through the hike,  I cranked up my pace and decided perhaps I could finish the hike in time to attend. Since I explained all this to a few committee members, I was hoping that when awards were given out, that perhaps I would of been considered for a humanitarian award, I am quite sure you will be getting many emails thanking you and your committee for a job very professionally done.

Thank you for your part in sharing such an important event in our (Bremen Braves) lives.  You should be very proud of yourself and your committee.

My very best regards, and God Bless you and your family,


Gene Smith Butcher (Trail name: Gene the Flat Feet Hiking Machine)

Thanks to the reunion committee for all the effort they have put into planning this event!
Sandi (Raddatz) Smith 

Thanks for all the hard work. Look forward to seeing everyone!

John Stigletz

Received the program yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Many thanks!


I know the committee worked hard on the reunion, and your efforts show.






Betty (Bruner) Slaughter