Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities

Class of '62 Reunion

"Hope to see you again!"


Our 2016 Informal Homecoming Event

September 9th & 10th


Pictures from past events:

What should you expect?

 Good question!  The "short answer" is: "A good time with good food and good friends!"  However, if you want, there's much more to do.  Our goal is to keep our annual events informal -- i.e., do what you want, when you want to do it. 

There are no up-front commitments or fees.  It's a "pay as you go" affair.  The only thing we need in advance is a rough estimate of who will be attending the dinner on Saturday evening so we can reserve enough tables.
HOWEVER, for those of you who interested in doing much more, here are your choices:
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th -- make a day of it!
    1. Hall of Fame Activities: For the past 3 year, we have successfully nominated one of our classmates to the Bremen Hall of Fame -- Tom Dresser (2013), Denny Day (2014), and Tom Diehl (2015). 

      I believe that the Class of '62 now has more Hall of Fame representatives than any other Class!  This is not only a testament to the individual inductees, but also to our Class as whole. 

      Well, we have a nomination "in the works" for 2016, but we won't know until late August if their nomination is accepted.  However, if it is, several of us will be attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies:
      • About Noon -- Attend student focus groups with the inductee 
      • About 1:00 PM -- Formal induction at the Pep Rally
      • About 2:00 PM -- Inductee rides in the Homecoming Parade
    2.  Pep Rally: This is a highly-charged event worthwhile seeing!
      • About 1:00 PM in the Gym
    3. Homecoming Parade: Watch from the street-side or drive in the parade -- we've done both in the past!
      •  About 2:00 PM around town
    4. Afternoon Rest Break: You can either take a rest break or follow some of us to Bartolini's for late afternoon "pick-me-up" :-)
      • After the parade @ Bartolini's

    5. Pre-Game Dinner: Dinner at a local restaurant with whomever is interested.
      • About 5:00 PM (TBD) 

    6. Varsity Football Game: Hangout in the Alumni Tent in the South End-Zone with other Classes.  Also, Paul Rybarczyk (the Associate Principal) has been known to conduct small-group school tours during the game.

      • Kickoff at 6:00 PM @ Bremen (Alumni are admitted free)

    7. Post Game: After the game, we have been known to visit a local Pub or you can "call it a night"!
    1. Lunch and a School Visit: It has become a tradition for some of us to meet at "Hog Wild" for lunch -- an authentic southern BBQ, right down the street from Bremen on Pulaski. After lunch, we stop by the school for a visit to see students prepare the gym for the Homecoming Dance.
    2. Dinner at Granite City in Orland Park: This is our feature event!  If you do nothing else, do this --  good food and good friends!


For those of you who may be coming-in from out-of-town or prefer not to make a long drive home, we have arranged for up to 10 discounted rooms at a local Holiday Inn Express (5 Kings and 5 Doubles):



PHONE 708-597-3330 - FAX 708-597-3691

Our special rate is $119 per night until August 19th, after which the normal rate of $189 will apply -- so book early!  The Group Booking Code is -- "BHS"
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you make a reservation, it can be cancelled at any time with no penalty up to 24 hours before the arrival date.  Be safe -- book early!