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Class of '62 Reunion

"Hope to see you again!"

Class of '62 Scholarship Program...
A big "thank you" to all of you who have contributed to date, with a special thanks to those of you who are committed to contributing every year! 

Also remember that your contribution is tax deductible in the year that you write your check.

Our legacy to Bremen...

“The help and kindness we have all received throughout our lives, which includes our time at Bremen, cannot be adequately repaid.  The only way to go is “forward”.  One way to do this is by giving a “hand-up” to those who follow us.


We speak so often, and with such fondness, of this Bremen teacher or that one, this learning experience or that one.  Those are moments that shaped our lives for the better - and then we realize that those opportunities mustn't go unrecognized.  What better way to recognize their value than by doing our part to see that future generations have access to the same opportunities we had!”


The point and purpose of this program is to, in a small but meaningful way, share our success with those at Bremen who have demonstrated superior academic and leadership achievement and have a financial need.  Based on the positive feedback we have received from the first two recipients, and their parents, and the Bremen and District 228 Administration, we are convinced that this program is worthwhile continuing. 


Let’s continue by answering some frequently asked questions:

Who is coordinating the program?  The Class of ’62 Scholarship Committee consists of Denny Day, Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone, and Rich Kieffer.  Denny Day is the overall Program Coordinator and Lead.


How often are awards made?  Awards are presented each year at the Bremen Senior Honors Night ceremony in May.  The annual target is $2,000 – one $1,000 award and two $500 awards.


Who selects the recipients?  The recipients are selected by a Bremen scholarship committee made up of faculty and staff.  The Class of ’62 Scholarship Committee has no input whatsoever into the selection.  This assures that we are fully compliant with the tax deductibility provisions of IRS 170 (f) (8). 


 Are the gifts tax deductible?  Mr. Tom O’Malley, District 228 Business Manager, notified Dr. Dave Kibelkis, Bremen’s Principal, that our gifts are tax deductible under the provisions of IRS 170 (f) (8).


How does the program work?  It’s simple! The process starts out with a “pledge” of whatever dollar amount is affordable for you. 
  • A pledge can be made by contacting one of the Committee Members directly or by completing the “Pledge Form” (on the menu to the left).


  • All pledges are then logged and tracked by the Committee. 


  • Pledges can be anonymous, named, or made on behalf or in memory of someone.


  • With your permission, we will list your name and pledge on the website – with or without the dollar amount (your call).


  • The Committee will follow-up with you to remind you that your payment must sent prior to December 31st to be tax deductible in the current calendar year.


  • We have set up a joint savings account at MB Financial Bank in Palatine, IL to hold the funds until they are dispersed.  Rich Kieffer and Mary Lou are the joint-account owners.  Bremen is the designated account beneficiary.  Denny Day will act as the account’s independent auditor.  You can contact Denny at any time concerning the status of your contribution.  We looked into setting up a 529 (C), but that was too costly.


  • Checks should be made out to and mailed to Richard Kieffer 753 Quail Run Inverness, IL 60067-4776” with the memo line of the check reading Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund”.


  • Checks will be endorsed by Rich as “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY” and will be deposited in the Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund savings account.  A record of the deposit will be sent to Denny.


  • You will receive written confirmation of both your pledge and payment.


What happens when the fund exceeds $2,000 in any given year?  The excess amount will be rolled-over to the next school year.  However, any payment you make will still be tax deductible in the tax year that it was made.


Who do I contact if I have other questions?  You can either use the “Pledge Form” (on the left menu) to submit a question or contact one of the Class of ’62 Scholarship Committee members directly via email.
What next? Become an important part of this worthwhile effort and submit a pledge!