Bremen High School
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Tom Diehl

Bremen HS Hall of Fame Inductee for 2015

While at Bremen, Tom utilized his skills in leadership, compassion and responsibility to accomplish his goals. Tom’s activities included four years of football, basketball, and track.  He also contributed to the success of the track team championship in 1962.  In academics, his favorite class was English but his favorite teacher was his father, who was a faculty member at Bremen during Tom’s school years.  Bremen pride ran in the family.  This self-effacing young man earned the respect of his teammates and classmates in school. 


After graduation from Cornell College with a B.A. and earning a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University, Tom went forward to serve for thirty years as a Special Agent with the FBI.  He distinguished himself with numerous commendations and awards for exemplary service and accomplishments.  He was commended numerous times for his support in solving cases involving robberies, corruption, the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics, a skyjacking, a fencing operation, and the successful recovery of a kidnapped 9-year-old girl hidden in the woods in a cardboard box, a case that was an featured in a TV movie. He also contributed to the capture of one of the FBI’s Top Ten Fugitives.  In law and order circles, that is a BIG accomplishment that few achieve.  Tom has letters of commendation from President George Bush and Attorney General Janet Reno as a reminder of his good work.


He had spent some early years teaching in Illinois before joining the FBI and, after retiring, he taught classes in hostage negotiation, active shooter plans, and self-defense for women. He served in the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Sheriff Association.


Tom and his wife, Janet, have two children and four grandchildren.  They live in Michigan where, together, they run a private investigative service.  Tom has lived his life serving others with unfailing commitment and dedication. He is a Bremen Brave whose integrity, honor and courage are paramount in the eyes of his fellow classmates.