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December 16, 2018
Class of '62 Scholarship Program

A big "thank you" to those of you who have contributed thus far.  To keep this program going, we need all the support we can get!  As we said before, no contribution is too small -- and every contribution counts! 


We're asking for your support since this program does indeed make a difference!  It is our small way to give back to Bremen what Bremen has given to us.


Please join us in making the 2019 Scholarship Awards a success and a testament to and remembrance of our lost classmates.


Class of '62 Hall of Fame Program

The Class of '62 now has 10 inductees in the Hall of Fame, more than any other class.  Let me share with you my views on the program -- views that are shared by many others:


Initially, I was somewhat skeptical of this program, mainly because I felt it was impossible to single-out any individual in a Class with so many truly accomplished classmates.  


However, after discussing the program with Dr. Kibelkis, (Bremen’s Principal), and other members of Bremen’s faculty & staff, I came to understand that this program is really about the students -- and not about the individual or our Class. 


The goal of the program is to demonstrate to students (in a very tangible way) what they can do with a Bremen education.  In other words, the Hall of Fame inductees are indeed “role models” for the students.  


Like our Class of ’62 Scholarship Program, this is all about “paying forward” -- i.e., giving back to Bremen what Bremen has given to us.


Therefore, we would like to ask you to suggest other candidates by sending us a brief outline of what they accomplished with their Bremen education and also an indication of their desire to serve as a role model for the students.  


We look to the sponsors to gather the necessary information to complete the nomination forms.  Of course, we will be there every step of the way to help.  


The cutoff date for submitting a nomination is the end of May.  Therefore, if you would like to sponsor a candidate, now's a great time to start!  


I’m also pleased to report that a name has already been submitted for the 2019 Hall of Fame.  In our view, someone who clearly meets the criteria we outlined -- i.e., a positive role model for the students and a willingness to serve!  By the way, nothing prevents us from submitting more than one candidate in any given year.  


BREAKING NEWS: We are also in discussions with Bremen to make the Hall of Fame program more than just a "one-day event" by having Hall of Fame inductees, and other willing classmates, participate in various career guidance programs and workshops to support the graduating seniors.  In other words, we want to put even more focus on "continued service" versus a "one-time event".


As always, let us know your thoughts -- and if a candidate comes to mind, please contact us.


Go Braves!


Mary Lou, Denny, and Rich


November 19, 2018



As we approach the holidays and the New Year, we would like to once again ask for your support for one of the programs that contributed to the Class of ’62 being recognized by the District 228 Board of Education.


Our class of ’62 scholarship program...


First, we would like to thank all of our sustaining donors for their generous contributions over the past 3 years.  Next, we would like to encourage those of you who have not contributed in the past to consider a contribution this year -- no matter how large or small.  A large number of small contributions can make a big difference!  However, regardless of size or frequency, any and all contributions are sincerely appreciated!


Does our program make a difference?


In most cases, we rarely get direct feedback for the contributions we make.  The best test of any program is hearing back from its beneficiaries:


2016 Recipient -- Javier Covarrubias (Stanford University)…


“My name is Javier Covarrubias, and I am a former recipient of the scholarship from the Bremen Class of 1962 and a junior at Stanford University studying Management Science & Engineering. It’s no secret that college is a very expensive investment, especially in California; there are many bright and talented people around the country who make the tough decision of not attending college because they are unable to fund their education. Although I am on good financial aid at my school, I still pay for parts of my education, including textbooks and course readers, and those costs can add up. In fact, I used the scholarship money that I was awarded from the Class of ’62 to buy a lot of my textbooks freshmen year, which saved me a lot of financial stress. What might seem like a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things when it comes to financing a college education can mean a world of a difference.”


2018 Recipient -- Henrietta McDonald (Wayne State University)… 


“The scholarship from the Class of 1962 was extremely beneficial to me.  It allowed me financially to afford my books for my freshman year and helped with my tuition for the school year.  This scholarship helped relieve some of the stress a student deals with in terms of affording education and allowed me more time to focus on my studies.  Thank you Class of 1962!  Go Braves!”

Next, here is what Dr. Kibelkis and the District 228 Board of Education feel about our program: 


From Dr. Kibelkis, Principal of Bremen High School…


 “As Principal and Bremen Graduate Class of 1984 it makes me very proud to know that the Class of 1962 is giving back to their school and its current students.  I hope you understand what a difference your donation in the form of a scholarship makes to our students at BHS.  

For a student to be honored is exciting and allows one to know that you have achieved at a high level.  Thanks for making a difference at BHS and showing your Pride!”


Where we are now and what we plan to do… 


  • For 2019, we are about 60% there to reaching our $2,000 goal, so we need your help!  
    In May of 2019, we would like to present our Scholarship Awards in remembrance of our lost classmates – both known and unknown.  
  • SAD FACT: 
    Since our 50th Reunion, we have lost 25 Classmates that we know of, many of whom attended our 50th Reunion.  Help us let them be remembered!

How to contribute…


Assuring that your contributions are secure is our first priority:


  1. We have set up a joint savings account at MB Financial Bank in Palatine, IL to hold the funds until they are dispersed. 

  2. Rich Kieffer and Mary Lou are the joint-account owners.  Bremen is the designated account beneficiary. 

  3. Denny Day is the account’s independent auditor.  You can contact Denny at any time concerning the status of your contribution. 

  4. All checks should be made out to and mailed to:  

Richard Kieffer 753 Quail Run Inverness, IL 60067-4776 with the memo line of the check reading: Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bank will not accept checks made out to the “Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund”.  We looked into setting up a 529 (C) account, but it would have been too costly. 


  1. Checks will be endorsed by Rich as “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY”and will be deposited in the Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund savings account at MB Bank.  A record of the deposit will be sent to Denny.
  2. You will receive written confirmation of your payment for audit and tax purposes.

Are the contributions tax deductible in 2018?  


Absolutely – however, they must be postmarked no later than December 31st!  

Mr. Tom O’Malley, District 228 Business Manager, notified Dr. Kibelkis, Bremen’s Principal, that our gifts are tax deductible under the provisions of IRS 170 (f) (8).

We realize that there are a lot of great causes to which one can contribute.  However, I can think of no better great cause than to help a few of Bremen’s bright and hardworking students who need financial assistance in furthering their education.  

Plus, doing this in remembrance of our departed classmates is not only a legacy of them, but also to Bremen’s mantra... 

We have pride! 

October 28, 2018

An Unexpected Surprise and a Very Special Honor for 

the Class of ’62!


This past week, I received a call from Dr. Dave Kibelkis(Bremen’s Principal). Dave said that District 228 would like to recognize the Class of ’62 at their next Board of Education Meeting on November 16th

As I understand it, from time-to-time the District recognizes individuals or groups who have in various ways supported the District. I believe that this is the first time the District has recognized an entire Class!  Woohoo!

One might ask: Why the Class of ’62?

My point of view on this is nicely captured by Pat Anderson Rogers on Page 9 of our 50th Reunion Program:

“We are the children of what has been called the "Greatest Generation". We are pre-baby-boomers who grew up hearing first-hand stories of growing-up during the Great Depression. We are the children of men who went off to war, and we were, perhaps the last generation to understand that we had to EARN what we wanted. We are also the generation who went off to fight an unpopular war, and then years later kissed our own children good-bye as they went off to fight in still more wars. Ya know, we're "old geezers" now but, damn, we deserve to be pretty proud of ourselves!

…a personal perspective by Pat Anderson Rogers

Dr. Kibelkis’ view is the following:

  1. He feels that our Class is one of the most active and involved alumni classes contributing to Bremen school Spirit, Bremen Pride, and Bremen Student Support.
  2. Specifically, he referred to the following:
  • Our participation at Homecoming events is setting an example for all students by showing them that supporting Bremen does not end on graduation day.
  • Our Scholarship Program is having a positive effect on hard-working students who have the desire, but not always the means, to further their education.
  • Our active participation in the Hall of Fame Programhelps students better understand that a Bremen education can open the door to many opportunities.

Dr. Kibelkis went on to ask if some of our local classmates could attend this event. Given that this is an honor being bestowed on our entire Class, my first thought was to contact Mike McPherrin (our Class President) and Lee Riegler (our Class Vice-President) to see if they were available to accept this recognition. Unfortunately, they both had conflicts and are not able to attend.

Then, John Mensing came to mind since his brother, Rev. David T. Mensing, was Secretary to the District 228 Board of Education for several years. I'm happy to report that John and I will have the honor and privilege of accepting this prestigious recognition on behalf of the Class of ‘62.

Of course, John and I will give you full update after the event. 

Upcoming Events...

Our next website update will be soon -- in early November Yikes, how time flies!  

Our next two events will be:

Our 2019 Scholarship Program Update...
  1. A first-hand view of how our program has helped past scholarship recipients.
  2. Why we would like to present the 2019 Scholarship Awards in remembrance of all of our lost classmates -- both known and unknown.
  3. A call to our past contributors and other classmates to help us make the 2019 Scholarship Awards Program another resounding success!

A Call for 2019 Class of '62 Hall of Fame Nominees...
As we have said in the past, this program is not about individual recognition, but rather it's all about setting examples for Bremen students of how a Bremen education can benefit them.  

Frankly, if were up to me the whole damn Class of '62 should be in the Hall of Fame!  

That said, once again, we will be asking you to send us your recommendations for our 2019 Hall of Famenominees.  More on this later!

September 16, 2018
A recap of our Class of ’62 2018 Homecoming and Hall of Fame Events!

Well, the weather wasn’t the best, but the company surely was!  As I indicated after our 55th Reunion, we will continue to have our informal Homecoming events -- and we did, once again! 


Some have asked – 


“After all these years, what’s the point?” 


Those of you who have participated and stayed involved have come to realize that Bremen is an exceptional school.  It’s also a school well worth supporting. 



  1. First and foremost, and in ways we may have not even realized, Bremen has been instrumental in launching both our lives and our careers.  Therefore, it’s only fitting that we try, as best we can, to give back to Bremen what Bremen has given to us.

  2. Why does Bremen deserve our support?  When you walk the halls and interact with the administration, faculty, and students, it becomes apparent that this is a well-run operation.  In fact, Bremen is, once again, the largest school in District 228. 
  3. The condition of its physical plant is pristine and the positive relationships among the administration, faculty, staff, and students are remarkable, especially in light of the highly diverse and ever changing demographic environment, much more so than we ever experienced.  


This type of success doesn’t happen by accident. Since the future of our country lies in the hands of our children, grandchildren -- and the children and grandchildren of all of its residents, it is reasonable to conclude that supporting Bremen and its students serves all of us.  


I can also tell you that both Bremen and District 228 feel that the Class of 1962’s participation in Homecoming, Hall of Fame, and the Scholarship programs is making a difference and is greatly appreciated.


On a more personal note, the opportunity to “catch-up”, reminisce, and share life experiences with fellow classmates is both interesting and rewarding.  For example, did you know?


  1. Jim & Jean Keeney’s son is an Air Force Academy graduate, a former F-15 pilot, and a decorated active-duty full-Colonel serving in lands that none of us would like to visit.  Plus, we discovered that Jean was Dr. Kibelkis’ 6th grade teacher! 
  2. Diana Williams (a retired banking executive and this year’s Hall of Fame inductee), and her husband Steve Spigel, have traveled the world extensively. They continue to host and support professional visitors from numerous countries who seek to collaborate with the US to improve international relationships.
  3. Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone, and her daughters Diana and JoEllen, are active participants in fundraising for ALS research and patient support, a disease that claimed their husband/father, Richard, several years ago.  Mary Lou is also active in her community and serves as a Police Commissioner in the City of Countryside.


By the way, several classmates sent their regrets and were unable to attend this year's event, but there’s always next year!  Whether you participate in person, in spirit, or in support of our Scholarship Program, all of your support and contributions count -- and are greatly appreciated! 


I would also like to thank those of you who have supported our Hall of Fame Program by submitting names and leading the effort to complete the nomination forms. By the way, nominations for 2019 need to be submitted for consideration to Bremen and District 228 by next May.  Let us know if you have a suggestion!

August 12, 2018
2018 Homecoming Events - Friday, September 7th!  

Red and Gray Day                                          All day


Alumni Meet & Greet w/Dr. Kibelkis                 10:30 am

(Reception located in the Presentation Room)


Hall of Fame Alumni Speak to Students            11:00 am - Noon

(Inspiring!  Don't miss it if you can!)


Lunch                                                            Noon – 2:00 pm 

(Lunch on our own, but Hog Wild is a Must!)


Pep Assembly                                                2:00 pm

(Presentation of Hall of Fame Alumni and Pictures)


Parade                                                          3:30 pm


Class of ’62 Pre-Game Dinner                         5:15 pm


   Ottimo Osteria Ristorante 

   16111 S. La Grange Road Orland Park, IL 60462  PLEASE RSVP!!!


Varsity Game                                                7:00 pm

(Halftime -- Introduction of the Hall of Fame Alumni)  


Walk the Hall of Bremen                                Doors open!


Post-Game                                                  Whatever! :-)

Hope you can make!  Remember to RSVP if you plan to join us for dinner

August 12, 2018
2018 Homecoming - Friday, September 7th!  
What to expect...
Given that we just had our 55th celebration last year, this year will be a Friday-centric informal event.  However, as in past years, we once again have some exciting news and we hope that many of you can join the festivities!  

What's new and exciting?
First and foremost, I am pleased to report that Diana Williamswill be inducted into the Bremen Hall of Fame!  Diana will be our 6th inductee in the past 6 years -- preceded by 4 inductees in prior years, Ronald Rodgers, John Krizik, Roger Hartmann, and Andy Scianna -- for a total of ten Class of '62 inductees -- a school record! 
That said, if were up to me, the entire Class of '62 should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  It's important to understand that this is not about the individual per se.  The main purpose of the program is to set an example for Bremen students to show them what can be accomplished with a Bremen education.  
Each inductee is required to give a presentation to a group of graduating seniors and a group of undergrads.  The inductees are asked to talk about how their education at Bremen allowed them to be successful throughout their careers, sometimes in the face of overwhelming personal challenges.  These presentations are not just "happy talk", but real life experiences.

Each year, we (i.e., Denny, Mary Lou, and Rich) try to select one or more individuals with a diverse background. I assure you that we have no shortage of qualified candidates. 
Anyone is welcome to suggest a nomination and we'll work with you to present the candidate to the Bremen Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. We have been limiting nominations to one per year since the nomination process is quite extensive.
OK - what's the plan for September 7th?
Homecoming Day will be a multifaceted, fun-filled event, especially if you choose to join-in on all the activities.  We don't have the exact times yet, but following is an outline of activities that you are welcome and encouraged to join:
Mid-Morning: Hall of Fame inductees (Diana and others) speak to the students.
Noon: Lunch at the "Hog Wild" BBQ (near Bremen).
Early Afternoon: Pep Rally and Induction Ceremony in the gym (a must-see) followed by the Homecoming Parade (a must-do),
Homecoming Parade: All are welcome to ride in the Parade on the Bremen school bus with Diana.
Post-Parade: Take a nap or seek refreshments at Bartolini's,
Early Dinner: At a location to be determined by the group.
7:00 PM: Varsity Football Game and Optional School Tour at Half-Time: Meet in the Alumni tent.

Post Game: At whatever "watering-place" the group decides.

Need a room?
For all you out-of-towners or locals like me who want to spend the night, Mary Lou has once again arranged a block of discounted rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Crestwood for the nights of September 7th and 8th on a first-come, first-serve basis! The room rate is $99 per night. There are 10 rooms available. 
The deadline for securing a room is Friday, August 31st. 
To register online, go to, enter the three letter code, BRE, under the reservation dates and proceed when the special rate of $99 for the group comes up.  Or, call 1-800-HOLIDAY (1-800-465-4329) and give the agent the 3 letter code for the block.
Mark your calendars now!
Speaking from past experience, this will be a fun-filled day and a great opportunity to socialize with your classmates and show Bremen that, after all these years, the Class of '62 has pride and also knows how to have a good time!

May 12, 2018
Class of '62 Scholarship Program

This is one of those situations where words alone can’t do it justice, but I’ll try, anyway.  You had to be there to look into the eyes of the students (accompanied by their parents and siblings) to see the pride they had for being recognized as one of Bremen’s “best & brightest”.  Mary Lou and I can’t begin tell you how appreciative the students, each of whom had a financial need, were for their scholarships.

These young people are the future of our Country.  The Class of ’62 should be proud to support them. Our scholarship program also helps keep Bremen as one of the top schools in District 228. 

The event started at 7:00 PM in the gym and ended at about 9:00 PM.  The main floor of the gym was packed with honor students and their families. Of 320 graduating seniors, 134 were recognized for their achievements -- that's 42%!

In front, and on the dais, were District 228 Representatives, Bremen Administrators and Faculty, and the Scholarship Presenters.  Click on the link below to see the full Senior Honors Night event program.

     Link to Senior Honors Night Program

In total, there were 29 Scholarship Programs granting one or more awards. The scholarship awards segment was followed by Department Awards, Student Awards, and Individual Achievements and Recognitions

The purpose of Senior Honors Night is to recognize and reward students who excelled in academics, leadership, school pride, and community service. This year, Mary Lou and I had the honor and privilege to award three scholarships on behalf of the Class of ’62 to the following students:


 Jacqueline Orozco 

 Morraine Valley

 Community College

 Law Enforcement


 Emily Rao

 Saint Xavier University 

 Evergreen Park IL 

 Computer Science


 Musaab Froukh

 University of Illinois

 Chicago (UIC) 



By the way, Musaab was this year’s Class Valedictorian. It was an honor to have him apply to our scholarship program!  Musaab was born in the U.S. and is of Jordanian descent. He’s also one of eleven Bremen students named as a 2018-2019 Illinois State Scholar. 

Dr. Kibelkis mentioned that 18 students applied for our 3 scholarship, which he said was the most applications received for any scholarship program.  We were pleased!

Prior to the application ‘season’, Mary Lou, Denny, and I had prepared a Scholarship Program Guide to communicate the following selection criteria:

  1. Students who had a strong desire to further their education and displayed academic excellence.
  2. Students who showed a pattern of involvement and engagement in school activities.
  3. Students who had a financial need.
  4. At least one student who planned to attend a junior/community college or trade school.

We are pleased to report that Bremen’s Scholarship Selection Committee met all of our goals.  We thank them!

What next?  Well, that’s up to you! 

We have a core group of dedicated classmates who can get us to about 50% of our $2,000 annual goal.  Annual donations have ranged from $25 to $500.  However, as we’ve said before, size doesn't matter. 

That said, all we need is a few more annual donors who are willing to commit $25 to $100 so we can keep our program going well into the foreseeable future.  Please consider this.

Why? I know of no better way to support Bremen and for that matter our Country, than to support students who have the ability, drive, and desire to better themselves, but not necessarily the financial means to do so.  Thanks!

May 5, 2018
The Bremen Echo features the Class of '62!

It's always nice to be remembered, but it's even more rewarding to be relevant!  The Class of '62 is achieving both!

With yet another school year coming to an end, the Bremen staff was looking for some ways to "stay connected" with their graduating seniors.  Well, guess who the Bremen staff thought might be the perfect "poster-child" for "staying connected"?  

In 2012, Jen (Inthihar) Tardy, Echo's Faculty Coordinator, had her team cover our 50th reunion.  As a result of that coverage, we earned a front page article in the Echo.  Five years later, Jen felt that a follow-up article on the Class of '62 would be highly relevant to their goal to encourage graduating seniors to "stay connected" with Bremen.

What led to Jen's conclusion was that since 2012, the Class of '62 has hosted two reunions, actively participated in every Homecoming celebration, inducted five classmate into the Bremen Hall of Fame, and most relevant, established a scholarship program that is helping some very bright and well deserving students achieve their educational goals.

We were asked: "How are you able to do all that you do?"  I believe the answer is simple.  

  1. We have an exceptional group of classmates who valued their time at Bremen and still enjoy getting together from time-to-time to reconnect. 

  2. We also have individuals who see the value of "paying-forward" to help students who have the desire to better themselves, but not necessarily the financial means to do so.  This is a situation to which many of us in the Class of '62 can relate.  

  3. Over the years, several classmates have taken time out of their busy schedules to help plan and organize our various events and programs.  It has been and continues to be a "team effort" all the way.

  4. Most will also agree that technology has played a major role in enabling us to "stay connected".  Since 2012, we have had more than 15,000 visits to our Class of '62 website.

When will it end?  Only time will tell!  

As time passes we are losing more and more of our classmates, which is sad. However, as long as we have classmates who are still interested in participating in our events and programs, we will continue.  

Bottom-line, we are pleased and proud to share our experiences and good fortunes with the graduating seniors, and by doing so provide Bremen with the support we feel it has earned by giving us the type of education that has allowed us to succeed and prosper.

We want to thank Jen Tardy and Hope Parker (the Echo Reporter) for taking the time to share our story.

March 8, 2018
Our most sincere condolences go out to the family of Vicki (Hahn) Ryan...

Vicki passed-away on March 5th after a two month battle with advanced Leukemia that was diagnosed in late December 2017.  Unfortunately, there is a form of Leukemia that is difficult to diagnose, hard to treat, and very aggressive.

I remember Vicki as having a bubbly personality with a bright smile on her face.  During her four years at Bremen she participated in several activities including Girls' Club, Troupers, Student Council, Dolphins, GAA, and Jazz Club.  

Vicki, we will miss you!

Celebration of Life will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 12:00-3:00 pm at Gerardi Funeral Home, 9501 West Lincoln Hwy (1 block east of LaGrange Rd. on Rt. 30) Frankfort, IL.  Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorials requested to Joliet Area Community Hospice, 250 Water Stone Circle, Joliet, IL 60431, or online by clicking the donations tab above.  For Funeral information 815-469-2144 or 708-754-2114.


Gerardi Funeral Home
9501 W. Lincoln Hwy.
Frankfort, IL 60423


As we have said many times, the Bremen Class of '62is a very unique group of talented and diverse individuals.  While we will always mourn their loss, we will also always celebrate their life!  

Hope to see you there.

February 18, 2018

Our next event!

In May, we will be awarding three Class of '62 Scholarships totaling $2,000 to three deserving students.  However, we need your help!

  • To have attended Bremen’s Senior Honors Night is to fully appreciate how successful our scholarship program has been.
  • Since 2015, we have collected $5,850 in contributions and awarded $3,200 in scholarships: 

$1,200 in 2016

$2,000 in 2017

  • In 2018, we will, again, award $2,000, leaving a carry-forward balance of $650 for 2019.
  • Seventeen (17) out of 207 active classmates have generously contributed to the fund in 2016 and 2017.  Thank you!

Betty (Bruner) Slaughter

Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone

Denny Day

Tom Diehl

Tom Dresser

Marilyn (Gallo) Lorch

Karen (Herrington) Hesterman

Darrell & Sandie Jordan

Rich Kieffer

Karen (Rubins) Sebok

Ed Sherman

Margaret (Siville) Klava

Linda (Stokes) Boykin

Bill Tindall

Sue (Vaughan) Nelson

Frances (Vrabek) Tenbock

Diana Williams-Spigel



  • The average contribution was $188, with contributions ranging from $25 to $500.
  • We currently have eight (8) “sustaining contributors" who want to see this program continue.

How much one contributes or whether or not one is a sustaining donor is not important. Everyone’s contribution counts and it can make a difference!  

Plus, we realize and respect that everyone has their own personal needs and priorities. 


So we asked ourselves: 

How can we keep this program going?  Here's our idea...


The "Forty Challenge"


  • With our eight (8) sustaining donors we can easily hit 50% of our annual goal of $2,000. 
  • Therefore, we would like to ask 40  additional classmates to reach into their “hearts & purses” to contribute $25 each year to the scholarship fund.  


If we can reach“The Forty Challenge” goal, we can sustain this program for many years to come.  


    If you can find it in your heart to contribute $25 (or more) each year, now is the time to act!  


    • Checks should be made out to “Richard Kieffer" and mailed to753 Quail Run Inverness, IL 60067-4776” with the memo line of the check reading “Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund”.
    • Checks will be endorsed by Rich as “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY” and will be deposited in the Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund savings account.  A record of the deposit will be sent to Denny Day.
    • You will receive written confirmation of your payment.

    For full details about the program and how we keep your donations safe, please click-on "Class of '62 Scholarship Program" on the left. 

    Thank you!

    January 7, 2018
    Looking ahead...

    We hope that your holiday activities have been enjoyable, safe, and productive! Looking ahead to 2018, here is what we have planned:


    1. In late May, we will attend Senior Honors Night to once again award our Class of ‘62 Scholarships – this time to three deserving students.  All alumni are invited.
    2. Our annual informal event on Homecoming Weekend will be in September when, once again, we hope to have another classmate inducted into the Bremen Hall of Fame.
    3. During the year, we’ll post periodic updates on the websiteto keep you informed.

    It’s important to realize that the members of the Reunion Committee, and its various subcommittees, are only facilitators. It’s you, “the classmates”, who are pivotal by virtue of your interest, support, contributions, and participation. Without you, there’s no point in continuing our efforts. 

    Therefore, we sincerely thank you for your interest, support, contributions, and participation over the years and hope that we can meet your expectations for many more years to come.

    The Class of ‘62 Scholarship Program

    Since this will be our next major event, I’d like to give you an update: 

    • To have attended Bremen’s Senior Honors Night is to fully appreciate how successful and appreciated our scholarship program has been.
    • Since 2015, we have collected $5,850 in contributions and awarded $3,200 in scholarships: 

    $1,200 in 2016

    $2,000 in 2017

    • In 2018, we will, again, award $2,000, leaving a carry-forward balance of $650 for 2019.
    • Out of 207 classmates for whom we have contact information, 17 have graciously contributed to the scholarship fund in 2016 and 2017.  Thank you!

    Betty (Bruner) Slaughter

    Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone

    Denny Day

    Tom Diehl

    Tom Dresser

    Marilyn (Gallo) Lorch

    Karen (Herrington) Hesterman

    Darrell & Sandie Jordan

    Rich Kieffer

    Karen (Rubins) Sebok

    Ed Sherman

    Margaret (Siville) Klava

    Linda (Stokes) Boykin

    Bill Tindall

    Sue (Vaughan) Nelson

    Frances (Vrabek) Tenbock

    Diana Williams-Spigel



    • The average contribution for 2016 and 2017 was $188, with contributions ranging from $25 to $500.
    • We currently have 8 “sustaining” (i.e., repeat) contributors who want to see this program continue.

    That said, how much one contributes or whether or not one is a sustaining donor is not important. Everyone’s contribution counts and can make a difference!  Plus, we realize and respect that everyone has their own personal needs and priorities. 

    So we asked ourselves: How can we keep this program going?


    We have an idea and it's called:“The Forty Challenge”...

    • With our 8 sustaining donors we can easily hit 50% of our annual goal of $2,000. 
    • Therefore, we would like to ask 40 more classmates to reach into their “hearts & purses” to contribute $25 each year to the scholarship fund.  


    If you can, please let us know and send us your checks. If we can reach“The Forty Challenge” goal, we can sustain this program for many years to come.  


    Finally, it is fair to ask: Why is this a worthwhile investment?  Here are some points to consider:


    1. Bremen has served most of us well and this program is a way to say “thank you”!
    2. The future of our Country lies in our youth who are living in an ever increasingly competitive global world.
    3. Bremen is now the top school in District 228.  It is extremely well run in spite of the many challenges of administering a highly diverse student population.  Those who have visited the campus in recent years know what I mean.
    4. There are a lot of bright students at Bremen whose future may depend on external support like ours.  Even a modest level of support can make a big difference. 

    Let me know what you think and I’ll report back to you in our next website update.  


    Thank you!