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Class of '62 Reunion

"Hope to see you again!"

Reaching out...





To convey messages of support to classmates who are alone, seriously ill, or who have suffered a loss of an immediate family member.  Also, if a classmate has passed-away, a note of sympathy will be sent to the family on behalf of the "Bremen Class of 1962”
Our "Reaching Out" effort continues! 
  • Over the past four years, cards have been sent to several classmates expressing "well wishes".
  • Condolence cards have been sent to the families of deceased classmates.
The "Reaching Out" team...
  • Sandie (Stephens) Jordan 
  • Sue (Vaughan) Nelson 
  • Rich Kieffer
You can help too!
Do you know of any former classmates who are alone, seriously ill, or who have passed away?   If so, please use the “Stay in Touch!” form on the left to share information so we can make contact.  An appropriate “reaching out” card will be sent from our class.
NOTE: In keeping with our privacy policy we will only share details of our reaching-out efforts if the classmate or their family gives us permission to do so.