Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities

55th Reunion Photos!

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For your viewing enjoyment, photos are grouped into three general sections with subsections:

Friday Morning/Afternoon
    • Hall of Fame "Talk Time" with the Students
    • Lunch
    • Pep Rally and Homecoming Parade
Friday Night Lights
    • The Varsity Game
Saturday Evening
    • The Gala Event at Ridge Country Club

HALL OF FAME "TALK-TIME" WITH THE STUDENTS: As the 2017 Hall of Fame inductee, I had the honor and privilege to  present an inspirational message to a Senior and Freshman class, with the moral support of Denny Day, Tom Dresser, Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone, and Karen Rubins.  Denny, Tom, and Mary Lou are former Hall of Fame inductees.  By the way, the Class of '62 has more Hall of Fame inductees than any other class! 

In my opinion, the Class of '62, as whole, should be inducted.  Here is a quote from Dr. David Kibelkis, Bremen's Principal:

"The Pride that you and your group has is contagious and is always welcome at BHS.  Looking forward to continuing to work with you and the entire class of 1962!  You guys are the best."

FRIDAY LUNCH, PEP RALLY, AND THE HOMECOMING PARADE: After the Hall of Fame "talk-time" with the students, we did our traditional lunch at "Hog Wild" -- the best BBQ place on the South side!  Sue (Koski) McLagan, Laurie (Fell) Pohrte, and Jim & Jean Keeney also joined us.  We had a ball!

Then, most of us attended the Pep Rally where the formal Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place.  After the Pep Rally, we ride on the "Bremen Bus" in the Homecoming Parade as "guests of honor".  We had our usual fun throwing candy to the local children on the parade route!  

By the way, Dr. Kibelkis said that anyone in the Class of '62 has an open invitation to ride on the bus in the Homecoming Parade as a "thank you" for all the support we give to BHS -- especially since the Class of '62 Scholarship Program is greatly appreciated by both the administration and the students.

PS: If anyone has pictures from our Friday night dinner at Ottimo, please send them!  Thanks!  Also, my apologies for not communicating the change in the Friday night dinner venue.  I hope that my bottle of Single Malt Scotch made up for it!
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -- THE HOMECOMING GAME: After dinner, we went to the game. Unfortunately, Bremen lost, but we made the best of it. 

The newly renovated football field is a thing of beauty and construction of the new Sports Field House is underway. Bremen is indeed transforming itself for the 21st Century!

Matt Meany (Bremen's new Associate Principal) gave us a private tour of the school, which is always interesting as the school continues to evolve.  We owe belated thanks to Paul Rybarczyk (Bremen's former Associate Principal), who retired last year. Paul has been a great supporter of our class and has conducted similar tours for us in past years. 

Finally!  A big thanks to both Matt and Paul for adding the 1962 Varsity Swim Team to the Gym's Conference Championship Wall of Fame.  We believe that our 1962 Varsity Swim Team was the first sports team at Bremen to win a Conference Championship with an undefeated season!
THE MAIN EVENT! Our thanks to Ridge Country Club for exceeding our exceptions.  The facility and food were spectacular!  We had access to three large areas where cocktails were served before dinner: 

  1. The enclosed sun porch overlooking the golf course, where a buffet dinner was served.
  2. The bar area where we had a picture slide-show of all past events,
  3. The dance floor area where we did the stroll, electric slide, twist, etc. to music provided by Ken Nelson -- our DJ Extraordinaire!

I'd like to comment on some feedback from Judy (Lodewegen) Schumacher:
"Congrats on a well-organized reunion party! Although the venue was a little fancy-schmancy for my taste (I'm more of a burger-and-fries girl myself), I really enjoyed seeing everyone again--especially those who traveled so far to be there.

Inasmuch as so many alumni still live relatively close, it was disappointing that more of them didn't attend. At least I got to schmooze with several of them who grew up with me in Markham. Our memories go back much farther than Bremen, of course.

Anyhow, anytime you can see your way clear to "organize" an impromptu get-together in the future, count me in and I'll be there--as long as my health holds out, that is!"

Judy (Lodewegen) Schumacher

Judy's correct -- the place was elegant and the food was first class.  However, unlike a formal dinner-dance affair, we had free reign of the place and we let it loose.  For example, at the end of the evening Pete Relli (Class of '61) gave a us an impromptu piano recital worthy of Carnegie Hall.  

The main point being, we all had unconstrained fun as you will see in the pictures! If we ever do it again, a venue like this will be top on our list!

Here's some of the other feedback we received:

"For those of us that could not make the would be great to see some pic's from the weekends activities."
Bill Gilchrist

"Everything we did was such fun and it was great seeing everyone again."
Sue (Vaughan) Nelson

"You guys really know how to have a good time and that is great to see!  Also so good to see your Bremen Pride!"
Jennifer Greenway, Executive Assistant to Dr. Kibelkis - Bremen's Principal

"Thanks to you and your team who pull this off!  It was great fun on Friday and Saturday!"
Margaret (Siville) Klava

"I had a great time."

Fran (Vrabec) Tenbroeck 

I can assure you that this feedback is greatly appreciated by the team.  However, at the end of day, the question is: "Should we do it again?"