Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities

Reunion Committee Liability Policy

The Class of 1962 Reunion Committee's role and goal is to foster communication between Classmates.  In doing so, the Committee may organize and/or make Classmates aware of various activities or events that support this role and goal. 
However, the "Reunion Committee" (both individually and collectively) will have no direct control over and/or liability for how a third-party service provider delivers its services.
Therefore, the Committee cannot be held responsible and/or liable for a third-party service provider's failure to deliver acceptable services.
Nevertheless, the Committee, always strive to use commercially reasonable efforts to select reliable and safe service providers for the good of all Classmates.
Consequently, if a Classmate chooses to participate in any Reunion Committee sponsored, endorsed, recommended, or suggested activity or event, the Classmate implicitly agrees to hold the Committee harmless from any third-party service provider actions that may cause physical, emotional, or financial harm to the Classmate.
The Reunion Committee