Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities
In memory of our departed classmates, we donated $710 to St. Jude, who is also celebrating their 50 Year Anniversary!
Let's take a moment to remember our 87 Classmates who are sadly no longer with us (as of August 22, 2017).
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Our notification of losses since 2012...

Ed Schuman

  Arlynn Dorn

  Earl Moore

  Sylvia Bevell

  Cliff Cebulski

on 06/30/2012

   on 02/09/2012

   in 2012

  on 03/31/2013

   on 04/21/2013

Jack Hille   Roy Beals   Pat Pierce   Betty Erickson   Bob Thomas
on 04/28/2013    on 12/28/2013    on 01/18/2014     on 04/05/2014    on 12/09/2014
Mike Richardson  Ray Jorsch

Barb  Dmytrasz

 Don McCord     Carol Janas
on 05/15/2015   on 05/20/2015   on 07/25/2015   on 09/18/2015       Early 2015
Bob Bateman        Marilyn Kienle

    Ken Webster 

       Sandy Tragnitz         Beverly Bomson
   on 09/12/2015       on 10/07/2016             on 01/14/2017        on 02/06/2017   July 2009
 Phillip Brown       George Goodwin 
   on 07/23/2016     on 07/28/2017

The "Class of '62" celestial roll...
James Anderson Betty Erickson Abdul Muthleb Lonnie Soyk
Betty Barta
Roger George
Raymond Nelson
Bob Thomas
Bob Bateman
Nancy Gernenz
Charlene Okerlund
Andrew Thusing
Willis Bayless
June Gilbert
David Oliva Sandy Tragnitz
Roy Beals
Bill Goetzinger
Pauline Ostrowski
Barbara Unzicker
Marie Bevan
George Goodwin
Anton Paulaskas
Mike Vickroy
Sylvia Bevell
Jack Hille
Robert Parmer
Nancy Vogler
Richard Bisaga
Jim Hirst
Joseph Paulauski
Donna Wainright
Jack Bonaker
Carolyn Holden
Marie Peters
Peter Warszalek
Beverly Bomson
Ron Holder
Pat Pierce
Ken Webster
Le Roy Brooke
Janice Huston
Charles Powers
Ron Williams
Phillip Terry Brown Carol Janas
Melvin Reed
Neal Winegarner
Barbara Brueck
Ray Jorsch
Mike Richardson
Nancy Jo Burns
Patricia Kara
Michael Roberts
Cliff Cebulski
Marilyn Kienle
LaVerne Rockrohr
Peter Comer
Judy Kiupelis
Eugene Sannito
CaGary Corder
Linda Kolski 
Rene Sauriol
Carl Corradini
David Lilly
Charles Schmeich  
Robert DeYoung
Robert Loose 
John Schuetz  
William Dailey
Rudy Lovegren
Ed Schuman  
Barb Dmytrasz
Michael Martino
Nancy Shaffer  
James Dobson
William McCarty
Larry Sherick  
Arlynn Dorn
Donald McCord
Sharon Smith
James Dzurny Ginger Mindeman Phillip Smith  
Marge Engel Earl Moore Virginia Smith