Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities

Past Reunions Remembered!

THE 50th REUNION SLIDE SHOW with 40th Reunion Pictures towards the end (MS PowerPoint Show)

Class Officers & Academics and Reflection from the 40th Reunion (by Tom Dresser). 

NOTE: There one person on one of these slides we have yet to identify (see Slide 53 of 55).  If you know who this gentleman is, let us know and you will win a prize!
To download and/or open it, click-on this link:


THE 30th REUNION Video (MP4 Video Format)

NOTE: The video quality is limited by the original quality of the VHS video, which is not all that great! 
WARNING: The video file is quite large (350 MB) so it may take some time to download it depending on the speed of your Internet connection.  Also, differences in how your computer or Internet browser is setup may produce different results.  Surprisingly, I was able to successfully access both files on my Samsung mobile phone, but not with my Google Chrome browser!
To download and/or open it, click-on this link: