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Class of '62 Reunion

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The Bremen Hall of Fame

Many of you have asked:
What is it?
Who's eligible?
How does one get nominated and selected?
Why is it relevant?
Who from the Class of '62 is in the Hall of Fame?
What is it?
It's Bremen's way to recognize alums who have distinguished themselves through their accomplishments or service in all fields of endeavour -- arts, athletics, business, education, science, public service, social service, family service, etc.  Starting with the Class of '55, 101 members have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  

We are pleased to report that the Class of '62 has the honor and privilege of having more Hall of Fame inductees than any other Bremen class!

Who's eligible and how does one get nominated, selected, and inducted?

Anyone who has been an alum for 10 years or more is eligible.  

The Nomination Process: 
Each year, nominations are submitted to Bremen's Principal, usually by the end of May.  The nomination form asks a series of questions about the nominee's background and accomplishments.  A nomination is also accompanied by one or more testimonials by friends, family members, or business associates. 

Denny Day is our Hall of Fame nomination coordinator for the Class of '62.  You can submit your suggestions to Denny by completing the "Stay in Touch" form on the left.  It's important to note that it takes a fair amount of work and effort to complete and submit the nomination package.  Therefore, anyone submitting a suggestion will also be expected to help Denny collect and assemble the information required to submit the nomination. 

The Selection Process: 
A selection committee from Bremen and District 228 reviews the nominations and decides which ones meet the Hall of Fame criteria that was outlined above.  There is no limit to the number of alums who can be selected in any given year -- usually there are 3 to 4 inductees per year.  Selections are usually announced in late August or early September, but always before Homecoming Weekend.

The Induction Process: 
Induction activities begin on Friday morning of Homecoming Weekend when the selected individuals conduct question & answer sessions with interested students from different classes.  Usually, there are two sessions with anywhere from 30 to 40 students attending. You need to attend one of these sessions to fully appreciate what a positive effect that these sessions have on the students. 
The formal induction ceremony takes place at the Homecoming Pep Rally where the selected individuals are introduced to the entire Bremen student body and staff. 

After the Pep Rally, the inductees ride in the Homecoming Parade through the streets of Midlothian.  Family and friends of the inductees are welcome to join in on all of the induction activities, including riding in the Homecoming Parade and tossing candy to the local residents.

Why is the Hall of Fame relevant?
By recognizing the noteworthy accomplishments of our Classmates, we are also recognizing the Class of '62 as a whole since we are all byproducts of our environments -- i.e., no person is an island.  However, most important, the Hall of Fame inductees set a great example for the students by showing them where an education at Bremen can lead them.

Who from the Class of '62 is in the Hall of Fame?
As noted previously, the Class of '62 has the honor and privilege of having more Hall of Fame inductees than any other Bremen class -- a distinction that we would like to maintain and expand!

ClassmateClassYear Inducted
Ronald Rodgers1962?
John Krizik1962?
Roger Hartmann19621997
Andy Scianna1962?
Dr. Thomas Dresser Ph.D. M.D.19622013
Dennis Day19622014
Thomas Diehl19622015
Mary Lou Pisone (Daly)19622016
Rich Kieffer19622017
Diana Williams19622018
Don Hayward19622019
Betty (Bruner) Slaughter19622020/21
John Ferris19622022
Sherry Ferris19632022