Bremen High School
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You can help!
LOST CLASSMATES SEARCH:  Here's how you can help!
Take a look at the list.  Do you have any information at all about our lost classmates?  For example:
Do you know what State the classmate might live in?

Do you know the married name for the ladies?

Is anyone on the list deceased?  NOTE: It's our policy to confirm death reports from two different sources before we add anyone to our "gone, but not forgotten list".
Do you know any friends or relatives of a missing classmate? If so, give them a call and see if they have a recent address?
Any information, no matter how insignificant or small, just might be the "clue" we need to locate our friends.  Why are we asking? 
Hey, it's simple!  Every former classmate is important to us.  We want to give each of them an opportunity to reconnect and renew old friendships.  Please use the "Stay in Touch" form to the left to share any information you may have.  We'll do our best to locate them and "link-up".
Hope to see you next year!
Darrell  Jordan
Bremen Name   First Name Last Name
Ahfield Stanley
Anderson John  
Beisiegel Louzaina (not sure)
Belcher Sharon Smith
Brezina Wayne  
Bukowski Virginia Shockley
Campbell Linda Woodley
Chipi Juan F.  
Coyle Robert  
Creighton John  
Currier Patricia Matkowski
Czyl Barbara Gross
Deske Robert  
Dowling Nora  
Duncan Diane  
Erley Sharon  
Evans John  
Fehrmann Sue  
Hill George  
Kinder Ed  
Kirby Lolita  
Kroll Sharon Polo
Lahue Sally (not sure)
Lasser D. Cecile  
Leigh Janice Mireles
Lemberg Pam Hoghmuth
Lett James  
Mayfield Ronald  
McCormick Thomas  
McDaniel John  
Michaels James  
Mihalovits Frances Fox
Mitchell Elaine  
Moore James  
Morgan Marie  
Mortenson Judy Carley
Myskewicz Judy Lewis
Newman Mary  
Nyka Judith Adams
Olsen Wray
Perz Leanor Mancini
Pickering Dorothy  
Pinturich Rosemary Anderson
Ropes Carole Christianson
Schroeder Rosemary Shields
Scott Sandra  
Sehnert Carol Graefen
Seloover Robert  
Shouse Dale  
Smith Carol Erjavec
Warning Charlene  
Wilkens Robert  
Wilson Carolyn Jones
Wilson Cheryl Downes
Woods Myrtle