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Class of ’62 Article

Volume 64, Issue 4, Page 3

May 1, 2018

Forever Braves: staying connected to BHS

By: Hope Porter, Echo Reporter

As this school year wraps up and comes to a close, many students of the graduating class of 2018 is left to wonder “How can we stay involved at Bremen?”

If anyone can give the best tips and advice of how to do that, it is hands-down the class of 1962! This amazing class still shows their Bremen Pride long after they have graduated.

Rich Kieffer and Mary Lou Pisone are two former Bre­men students that graduated in ‘62; they are two people that also still consider themselves a Bre­men Brave!

First, many from the class of 1962 doesn’t shy away from their use of technology! They have created their own website ( to which Bremen Alumni can go and cre­ate an account for.

Once the account is cre­ated, it presents patrons with the options of viewing other class­mates whom graduated in their same year. The class also main­tains pictures of current events happening at the school as well as holding small memorials for loved ones who have passed and are alumni.

It seems that all BHS stu­dents, former and current, should take the time to take a peek at the website! On top of keeping in contact via the internet, many class of ‘62 members also work hard to provide Bremen a schol­arship every year.

This year the generous class of 1962 are preparing for giving scholarships to three cur­rent Bremen Seniors.

“Each year the class of 1962 gets together and donates money to the cause; each person gives what they can,” explained Kieffer.

Believe it or not, when scholarship committee students were attending here at Bremen, not all of them were actively in­volved in high school. However, many of them began to realize, with time, just what Bremen has done for them.

“This decision to become so involved at Bremen again didn’t happen until after our 50th reunion! We had so much fun at the reunion we didn’t want it to end so we figured what better way to stay together than by giv­ing back to the place we all start­ed at,” Pisone said.

This class really contin­ues to show their Bremen Pride long after graduation and really it’s a great honor to acknowledge that.

The class of 1962 has worked hard to remain in contact with each other through small get-togethers at homecoming, their scholarship and their reunions. They want it to be an inspiration to all Bremen Braves.

Some other former stu­dents who feel that their ties to Bremen are important besides Pi­sone and Kieffer are Danny Day, Sue Nelson, and Darrell Jordan.

Bremen cannot thank the many alumni who still have a lasting impression on Bremen enough!

“It is so much fun to re­live experiences and talk about old memories!” declared Pisone.

The members of class of 1962 have shown exceptional work on standing out and helping all to see true Bremen Pride!

Copyright 2018 ~ Bremen High School Echo ~ Volume 64, Issue 4 ~ May 1, 2018