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A Tribute to Sylvia (Bevell) Barber

Sylvia’s life and legacy…

By Rich Kieffer


Sylvia graduated from Bremen in 1962 and was married in 1964.  She has five children – Diane, Peter, Ron (who contacted me), Sherry, and Mike.  Over the years, she lived in Harvey, Markham, the Northwest Suburbs, and eventually moved back to the Southside to live in Tinley Park.


In addition to raising five children, she held both retail and clerical positions and finally retired about 13 years ago as her Diabetes began to take a toll on her body.  In recent years, she has been confined to a wheelchair and was vision-impaired as a result of her illness.


When Ron contacted me, he told me a very touching story.  As part of the “Search for Lost Classmates” effort, Darrell and Sandie (Stephens) Jordan had been searching the Internet for missing contact information.  They found information for six classmates -- and Sylvia was one of them.  Having only found her address, in January, they sent her a postcard advising her of our upcoming event at Granite City. 


Little did we know at the time, Sylvia was in no condition to respond to the postcard or attend this event.   However, according to Ron, that postcard prompted her pull-out her Class of 1962 Yearbook, and using a magnifying glass, she perused it reminiscing about her good times and good friends at Bremen -- see some pictures of her friends below.  The only picture we were able to identify was Elaine Mitchell, who is on our "Search for Lost Classmates" (no information) list. 

Lest we never forget...

The lesson we can learn from this is to never underestimate the power of reaching-out or the impact that a $.33 cent postcard might have on a person’s life.  Had it not been for that postcard, Ron may not have contacted us, which would have been a loss for all of us.

Finally, we want to celebrate Sylvia’s life -- not mourn her passing. Ron indicated that a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) on Sylvia’s behalf would be a great testimonial to her life. If you feel so moved, follow this link to their website and enter the information below to complete their memorial donation form: