Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities
2104 Event Preview
Denny Day and the Bremen Hall of Fame...
Stay tuned to learn more about the nomination & acceptance process and why Denny was nominated and accepted.
Denny Day before the Homecoming Parade...
As a new inductee, Denny was granted the honor to ride in the Bremen Homecoming Parade
Denny Day -- our first major mini-reunion scandal...
It's reported that local Midlothian kids went hungry that night due to a lack of adequate caloric input from candy.
Developing story: Sue Vaughan -- a major Bremen dating scandal...
As Diana (Williams) Spigel was perusing the class memorabilia, she found a very obscure document, authored by Sue Vaughan, listing all the boys that Sue dated at Bremen with a "zero to five star rating" for each date she had.   We are currently investigating the meaning and authenticity of this document (and especially the "ratings").  We will be posting the details of our investigation in the near future.  Thus far, we have found no direct or indirect involvement by Mary Lou, so for now, consider her an innocent bystander.
That said -- for those of you who dated Sue at Bremen, for a small donation to the Class of '62 Reunion Fund, we might consider expunging any record of your involvement, which includes not sharing any of this information or her "ratings" with Sue's husband, Ken Nelson, who is acutely interested in our findings!
A Pep Rally to remember...

I always thought that our Class of '62 cheerleaders and band were absolutely fantastic -- and they were!  However, you have to hand it to this new generation for "cranking it up another notch"!   Stay tuned for some videos of the event. 

The bottom line...
Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway: "We had a lot of fun & laughs!"  More on the "motorcycle gang" episode in a later edition :-)
I would like to thank, Mary Lou (Daly) Pisone, Sue (Vaughan) Nelson, Sandie (Stephens) Jordan, Dr. Dave Kibelkis (Bremen's Principal), Paul Rybarczyk (Bremen's Associate Principal), Marysol Standfield (Assistant Manager at Granite City) and various other members of Bremen's, Bartolini's, and Granite City's staff for helping us make this a successful and truly enjoyable weekend. 
I couldn't have done it without their help!
Cheers and good health to all,
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