Bremen High School
Class of '62 Reunion Events & Activities
The Reunion Committee would like to extend its sincere thanks to all of you who attended and to others who supported our reunion. A special thanks to Paul Rybarczyk (Bremen Associate Principal), Jen Intihar (the Bremen Echo faculty rep), and the rest of the Bremen staff who made the varsity game, school tour, and Echo coverage a very special occasion. Without all of your support, all of our planning and hard work would have gone for nought! In other words, all of you made the Committee look good and you are the true heroes!
We had unprecedented participation at all six events: the Bremen varsity game, the post-game event at Mitch's, the Bremen school tour, the dinner at Bartolini's, the post-dinner event at the Blarney Stone, and the Sunday brunch at Granite City. In fact, Paul mentioned that our Bremen school tour was by far the largest he has ever hosted. Way to go Class of 62!
As I said at the main event, the various establishments couldn't believe that people our age had that much spirit & energy -- or could drink that much! I guess we showed them how it's done! Smile
Well, why stop now? Please let us know if you move, change email address, or change phone numbers. Several classmates have suggested that we have an informal get-together every so often, perhaps every year or two. Stay in touch so we can contact you! (use the "Stay in Touch" form on the left).